Citrus Therapeutics is redefining the approach to pharmaceutical design and innovation in the treatment of retinal and ophthalmic disease while combining passion for eye care with the latest in vision technology. We are committed to the progress and care that both medical professionals and patients expect.

 Why Citrus?
A citrus fruit has a peel, membranes, seeds, and antioxidants. Similarly, the human eye is made up of a multitude of parts that play integral roles in its function and defense. Peeling back the layers and working with the most intricate parts of the eye, vitreoretinal surgeons Almeida and Chin hold an exemplary ability to make impactful changes in pharmaceutical, surgical and clinical areas
We must look beyond the obvious when working with the retina: an orange is not just an orange, for example – it is high in antioxidants, which is imperative for eye health and can reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Forward thinking and innovative approaches to how we design, create, and test ocular treatments are at the core of what drives Citrus Therapeutics. As we move into a modern and complicated age of healthcare and eye health for both patients and clinicians, Citrus Therapeutics emerges as a leader to in the management of complex ophthalmic diseases.